Kilimandjaro to host 31-day boxing tourney

OSHAKATI; Oshakati-based Kilimandjaro Boxing Club will host a 31-day boxing tournament called ‘King Mandume Ndemufayo Boxing Championship’ here from 01 to 31 August.

The tournament is for Under-60 kilogramme Namibian amateur boxers

The official launch of the envisaged championship took place at the Multi-Purpose Youth Centre in Oshakati on Monday this week.

The Ndahafa Cash Loan company already declared its sponsorship of N.dollars 25 000, while more companies are expected come on board before the commencement of the championship.

“All amateur clubs are invited and registration is free,” said promoter of the envisaged championship, Ikolelela Ekandjo during the launch.

Representative of Ndahafa Cash Loan, Max Nengola told the audience at the launch that the tournament also serves to honour the late king of OuKwanyama, Mandume yaNdemufayo, whom many Namibians regard as one of the pioneers of the country’s liberation struggle.

Head coach of Kilimandjaro Boxing Club, Joseph Bernhard described the tournament as a historic boxing bonanza for upcoming Namibian boxers.

“The championship would continue every year, depending on the availability of sponsorships. It needs to grow to help more young people and to keep them away from indulging in social evils such as alcohol and drugs,” stated Bernhard, who is a former Namibian international boxer.

The champion of the tournament will be awarded a gold medal and a voucher worth N.dollars 5 000, the runner-up will receive a silver medal and a voucher worth N.dollars 3 000 and the third-best boxer will walk away with a bronze medal and a N.dollars 2 000 voucher.

All participating boxers would get certificates and every participating club will receive N.dollars 200.