King of Spin [opinion]

The hills around Brakwater were clouded by tyre smoke and the raucous cheering of the crowd. The roar of powerful engines seemed to carry on for kilometres. Those arriving at the King of Spin event late were forced to park over 3km from the venue as cars lined every available parking spot all the way up the main Brakwater road.

It was a day of intense competition and amazing stunts by the competitors. Although some of the highlights of the day come from the visiting performers Sunesh, Dey Dey and the General who raised the atmosphere to such a fever pitch that it nearly spilled over to the pits. Tension came early on as drivers could not agree on the format of the competition and some threatened to withdraw from the competition if forced to take part in an obstacle filled gymkhana where drivers score points by doing a prescribed set of spins and drifts. This did not sit well with those whom wanted a freestyle event and they soon reached a compromise and proceeded with the freestyle event which culminated in a split decision and the organisers then decided to split the prize money between all the competitors and those that could drove home happy, while others loaded their battered stunt cars on to trailers and trucks before heading off to celebrate the success of the event.

With over an estimated 2000 people at the Windhoek Spin City this past week, it’s clear to see that Namibian’s love motorsport in all its forms. Keep watching the Top Revs for more information on upcoming spinning events, such as the planned bash for one of Namtol’s founding members, Most Wanted, which should be taking place at the Windhoek Spin City sometime in July. In the mean time, the guys at Namtol are hard at work upgrading the venue to ensure they keep attracting such large numbers and to help the sport grow in Namibia.

Remember, never try any of these stunts at home or on a public road. Motorsport is dangerous and should only be attempted by trained professionals.

Source : The Namibian