Kinzzo, the King of Swakopmund!

After doing music for almost seven years now, the Swakopmund-born kwaito artist, Nelumbu Gideon, better known as Kinzzo has been touted as the king of Swakopmund by his loyal fans.

With one album to his name, namely What kind and two music videos, Fashion and Let’s build Namibia, Kinzzo says he has now gained enough confidence over the years and will continue to entertain his fans by providing them with the best music in return for their support. Kinzzo also adds that he has changed the tone of his music after being accused of performing The Dogg’s music. “People use to doubt me, they would say that it’s not me singing but The Dogg and that’s probably because we almost sound the same. So I decided to make some changes and do something different,” he says.

Kinzzo started performing Kwaito music in 2008 when he joined an organisation called Ondangwa Music Artist Organisation (OMAO) and then later grew the love for production, which led him to producing music. He is now busy recording his next album, Fresh Ideas, consisting of a mix genre from Shambo, House, Kwaito to Afro Pop genres under Welwitschia Music Production, a record label that is based in Swakopmund and will feature fellow artists like Stella, Jaliza, Odette, Gerry and B2ulizo. “Fans should look out for my upcoming album because the king of Swakopmund will not disappoint you, nothing but good music coming your way,” he concludes.

Source : New Era