Kirsten Hosts Second Art Expression Workshop

After hosting the first ever art expression workshop earlier this year, Visual and Performance Artist, Kirsten Wechslberger, is hosting the second session of an art expression workshop at Arebbusch Travel Lodge next Saturday, March 29.

Kirsten says there were those unable to attend the first workshop and she decided to repeat it, to help the young visual artists in their arts career. “This time the workshop will create a range of theme artworks with different mediums like colour pencil, water colour and clay. Attendees will learn more about art elements and principles of design, and how they can use these to analyse their work. This workshop will be followed by another workshop on April 6, which will go more in deep on what they have created,” she says. She adds that all tools and materials will be included in the workshop, with the maximum of 15 people per workshop only.

The workshop is aimed at people who want to learn more about themselves, their relationship with their families, friends and work environment through drawing and sculpting. Young and ambitious artists or students will have a platform to benefit from, as they might learn more about how the art elements and compositional principles express emotion.

Kirsten says at the end of the workshop, there will be a light discussion of all the work done- art elements, compositional elements and meaning and participants will reflect on their own works. Those interested to attend the workshop will be charged N$200 per person, for three hours, and they must book early before the workshop day.

Source : New Era