KK Says People Wished Him Dead

SWAPO Member of Parliament Kazenambo Kazenambo has admitted, for the first time since he was relieved of his ministerial post, that President Hifikepunye Pohamba summoned him over comments he made at Gam about the country being ruled by one tribe.

Kazenambo was relieved of his post as the youth minister in early December 2012 after the Swapo Party congress held at the end of November.

He was quoted in the State-owned New Era newspaper in April 2012, saying that “you as youth should have sleepless nights if the President continues year to year to be from one tribe. In this country, we are continuously ruled by people from one tribe. This country will set war if resources are only set for blacks, white Namibians who also pay tax will set war if they don’t benefit”.

He, however, denied the quotes attributed to him and that Pohamba had booted him out, claiming instead that he asked to be relieved of his duties so that the president could work in peace for the remainder of his tenure.

“I asked him to release me before the congress, because of this wrangling and so on. I wouldn’t want to continue with that,” Kazenambo told The Namibian last week after the President’s State of the Nation address at parliament.

He added: “People are repeating the lie that I was fired by President Pohamba. Where? I asked him to release me . . . young as I am. For him to rest and not be troubled by me in his final years as President. He is my hero because he released me. He is a man of fairness. If he was not fair he could have expelled me based on fabrication”.

Kazenambo further said when the president relieved him of his ministerial post, he “was not surprised. In fact, I was looking forward to it”.

The Swapo beckbencher also confirmed that he was summoned by Pohamba that same year over comments he allegedly made to a journalist that the Aawambo people are ‘stupid and hungry’. Kazenambo, who also had a public spat with the youth wing of the party, which in turn demanded his recall, confirmed that senior party leaders were present at that meeting at State House.

Kazenambo said although he had left government service, he was not desperate because he has other means of survival.

“I am a successful businessman, I drive a Range Rover, very rich. I am in retail, livestock production, construction, property development. I am [involved] in everything that I wish to do, very successful,” he said.

Just after he was relieved of his post, Kazenambo said he went to his village to conduct traditional rituals because there were people who wished him dead, and to thank his ancestors for the victory at the congress.

“I went to [hold rituals] to give thanks to my grannies that my dream had come true, that we had a smooth congress and had successfully gone through it as a party.

“When I was in the hospital, some people wished me dead and that is normal. I am sure they also wish you dead, that is life. Go on the internet, there are those of you who are swearing that I will not come [back] to public office. There are those who are praying that I will not come back. I can even show you one fax I received recently, and I am being compared to [Julius] Malema,” he said.

But Kazenambo said nobody can rule him out of politics because he has “overwhelming support in this country”.

“My friend, I am a fully fledged citizen of this country. You cannot sit in your comfortable office and wish me not to participate in the events of this country, forget about it. The electoral college is still far. I will not rule myself out. I have got overwhelming support in this county,” he said.

Explaining his support for Prime Minister Hage Geingob, Kazenambo said it is not because he wants a post when it happens that Geingob becomes the next president.

“I did not support Geingob to appoint me [as a minister]. Are the 300 and something people who supported him going to become ministers? In Swapo, we have never been mercenaries throughout our lives, we have been volunteers for causes and have not expected personal benefits. If there are any, they have never been my agenda,” he explained.

Although Kazenambo accused Government of spying on him recently, he, however, did not accuse everyone at the national intelligence agency of tapping his phone, saying there are some people bugging his phone.

In 2009, when the bill was being debated, Kazenambo was one of those who were very vocal in support of the legislation saying if Namibia fails to pass such a bill, then the country was behind and ‘primitive’.

Saying he does not regret supporting the bill, Kazenambo said he is only against the abuse of the act for personal goals.

“Whether it’s at party level or any other level, I don’t know. I have respect for men and women who are working there but there are some who are abusing that tool. Are you tapping it for your master. Let us operate professionally,” he urged.

Source : The Namibian