Kleopas’ Doctor Still Being Investigated

THE case of the doctor who was on duty the day Juliana Kleopas was scheduled to undergo a Caesarian section in 2012 was put on hold until the nurses’ hearing had been dispensed with.

The deputy registrar of the Health Professions Councils of Namibia (HPCNA), Cornelius Weyulu told The Namibian yesterday that: “We are investigating the matter against the doctor to determine if we can have an inquiry against her or not.”

He added that they had wanted to finish the nurses’ hearing first before they could turn their attention to the doctor.

Doctor Albertina Amupala who was on duty at the time of Kleopas’s death, said she was only working in the maternity ward for four months after spending a year’s internship at the two State hospitals.

During the nurses’ hearing last year Amupala testified that she thought Kleopas was ‘not ready to give birth’.

“I met Kleopas on 30 April 2012. When she came, I was called and [realised] the patient was in pain so I prescribed something to lessen the pain. The first of May was a public holiday and I was off duty. I only came on call on 2 May at 21h30. I observed the patient and she was still in pain, so I prescribed something again to lessen her pain,” Amupala said.

When the HPCNA legal representative Kaijata Kangueehi asked her why she did not perform the Caesarian section as the patient was scheduled for one, she answered: “I felt she was not ready to give birth.”

The late Kleopas was scheduled to undergo the operation on 01 May but that did not happen. She reportedly got contractions and collapsed on 3 May and died while nurses were trying to resuscitate her.

When Amupala was further asked if she did not realise there was a problem when she returned on the 2 May, her answer was “no” because she did not examine the patient. She said she was relying on the nurses to tell her if there were major problems. Weyulu did not want to say anything more except that the HPCNA was investigating Amupala’s conduct.

Source : The Namibian