Kücki’s Pub Horse Show in Swakop

The Reiterverein Swakopmund (RVS) yet again excelled with a well-organised and well-attended horse show on 2 to 4 May, with quite a crowd attending the Worker’s Day long weekend in Swakopmund.

Silvia and Holger Kleyenstuumlber have set the bar in show organisation at a level that is hard to match. They however decided that other club members need to organise the show and this time the show was successfully managed by Marika Esselmann, who is the wife of well-known dressage judge and personality Marc Esselmann.

“Marika organised the show at, and above, the usual standard all have come to expect from horse shows in Swakopmund,” said Elinor Durr of the RVS.

This particular show also attracted some new entrants from Henties Bay, the Reitgemeinschaft Klein Windhoek (RGKW) and from as far afield as Otjiwarongo. There was further proof that the sport is growing as many new competitors entered the 40cm and 60cm categories and the preliminary dressage competitions for pony riders.

The jumping competitions were injury free and exciting with a record number of entrants in the higher classes, showing that the level of horse riding in Namibia is increasing by the day.

Namibia’s Michelle Kuumlnzle was back to top form on her beloved Metzge Drilling Bodenhausen Zambezi.

Her mother, Annette Kuumlnzle was also in top form on her stallion Rolling Thunder. Rolling had suffered some injuries, but excelled in the 1.20m courses and Kunzle was very excited to be back on form.

Silvia Kleyenstuumlber snatched the “Most Successful Rider” Trophy on her fully rehabilitated Midgard Gigant.

“Gigant is getting on in years,” replied Silvia to the question why she downgraded him to a 1m 10 level, from a very impressive 1.60m level a few years back.

“He served me well and won me many prizes and trophies and now he deserves to enjoy every last jump. I believe a horse has a finite number of jumps and that number increases with how well you treat your horse. Gigant and I would still like to walk a long road together”.

Sylvia’s mother, Heidi Snyman, who is also the well known owner of Cafeacute Anton, Hotel Pension Schweizerhaus admits that although she has supported and watched her daughter jump high-jump competitions in the past, she is much more relaxed watching her daughter and son-in-law at slightly lower levels.

In the Welcome Stakes Competition over 90cm, the boys dominated with first place going to Sebastian Braune on his chestnut Bon Camilo and second place being taken by Salom Nghinamito on Bagheera.

“Again first prize must actually go to our sponsors,” said Elinor Duumlrr after handing Silvia her trophy.

“Without sponsors we cannot produce events of this calibre. Kuumlcki’s Pub and Grill has been a staunch supporter and has pledged another year of support to this event,” she said.

Source : The Namibian