Kunene Harbour Could Create More Jobs – Job

HUNDREDS of job opportunities could be created in the Kunene region if the harbour at Cape Fraia is developed, says Outjo constituency councillor, Abraham Job.

“If the creation of the harbour is made a priority, hundreds of jobs can be created in Kunene region. A railway line could be laid to link major towns in the region to the harbour,” said Job, who envisages a railway line from Outjo to Opuwo through Kamanjab.

Outjo already has a railway line running to Otjiwarongo that was closed more than a decade ago. The railway station offices are currently being rented out to a local charcoal company.

“There will a huge spillover of jobs,” said Job.

Both the railway line and a harbour would benefit the whole Kunene region, instead of certain parts of the region, Job says.

The Outjo railway line was used to transport school children from Otjiwarongo to Outjo during the apartheid times.

Job said that Cape Fraia harbour was identified as one of the vital projects for Kunene region during a regional development meeting.

He said that Cape Fraia harbour can be used as a transport hub for minerals and charcoal from the region to various destinations, which will be cheaper than using Walvis Bay harbour. Cape Fraia is nearer to most landlocked countries such as Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe, which make use of Walvis Bay harbour.

Kunene region is home to dozens of charcoal projects which export their product to various countries while the region is home to untapped mineral resources although mines are expected to be opened in the Khorixas area as well as in Opuwo soon.

Source : The Namibian