Labour and Social Welfare Minister seeks approval for reappointment of Vilbard Usiku

WINDHOEK: Labour and Social Welfare Minister Doreen Sioka on Monday sought the approval of the National Assembly (NA) for the reappointment of Vilbard Usiku as the Employment Equity Commissioner (EEC) for the next five years.

Sioka said according to Section 7(1) of the Affirmative Action (Employment) Act, 29 of 1998, the Commissioner shall hold office for a period of five years, but shall at the expiration of such period of office be eligible for reappointment as a member of the commission.

The overall objective of the Affirmative Action Act, No 29 of 1998, is to ensure that all occupational categories of every employer’s workforce reflect Namibia’s demographic profile.

Sioka said satisfactory progress has been made towards the equitable representation of persons in designated groups, namely the previously disadvantaged, women as well as persons with disabilities.

She further urged parliamentarians to study the 2012/13 annual report of the EEC, which provides comprehensive details on the latest employment equity trends, and said she believes the progress made thus far towards equity in employment is largely attributable to the able stewardship of Usiku, and it is for this reason that she would like the momentum of progress to continue.

Usiku has served as Employment Equity Commissioner since April 1999.