Ladies Steal Spoken Word Show

If I could only say one word about Spoken Word’s ‘Alter Ego’ show held at the Warehouse Theatre on Wednesday, I would say: Esperance.

Mean, green and with a furious flow that weaved wickedly through pop culture, existentialism and the esoteric, the young poetess earned her snaps and solid round of applause from an audience left in awe by a lyrical fit, feast and outright feat.

No doubt the standout performance of the night with a poem titled ‘Mirrors’, Esperance set the bar for real and relevant in a fast-paced and lyrical journey that suggested alter egos don’t truly exist and the very nature of being human is the infinite possibility encased in a single soul that is inherently malleable and ever mutating.

Hot on her heels in terms of sheer shine was Khadijah. Breaking ground as utterly easy listening in a poem that asked women to set free the woman they truly want to be despite the pressures of patriarchy, the young poetess earned her snaps in a line that left the audience astounded and simply stated “they say we were created from the ribs of men so it’s not us who need to be completed, it’s them”.

Vexed in her vox was Vanessa who started with a spirited but trite offering called ‘Beam of Light’. Saved by herself in a highly original and relatable poem called ‘Grown Ups’, Vanessa represented her hometown of Canada in a piece that was passionate, political and bittersweet.

With everyone loving the ladies, the fourth female of note was Anna who took it easy in a poem that asked African men and women why natural was made to feel so unnatural.

Cool, creative and with a presence that caused contemplative quiet, Anna was immensely engaging and effortlessly enigmatic.

Similarly sweet were performances by Doris and Judah, who treated the audience to musical interludes which showcased Doris’ ethereal tones in two songs about heartbreak.

Also singing and striking was Truth who sang alongside Patrick Sam in a poem they put together backstage in 30 minutes. Showcasing an African aesthetic and a cache of curious choruses, the Spoken Word veterans took a minute to show everyone how it’s done.

Less impressive from the old guard was Playshis the Poet. Starting off promisingly and on theme, Playshis inevitably descended into defence mode and treated everyone within earshot to rhymes about him being the master of the universe. Certainly getting old and entirely dwarfed by the congruity of the new, Playshis remained Playshis and that is thin-skinned, dogged and unperturbed by set themes.

Certainly a night for the ladies, the show also gifted gravitas from Don, an odd turn from Tina, some meandering from Mutani, a passable brag rap piece from Wiser Observer, some hilarious hamming from comedian Slick the Dick as well as Augetto – grinning, gregarious and with little shame about forgetting his words.

All said, a fresh and exciting show with ladies leading the way. Hosted by the charming Senga Brockerhoff, Spoken Word ‘Alter Ego’ was certainly worth the Hendriks. And the snaps.

Source : The Namibian