Land Prices for Agricultural Land Discussed

A study about land prices which the FAO (Food and Agricultural Organisation) has done for the Ministry of Lands was introduced last week in Windhoek. With the introduction of the study, the Deputy Minister of Lands and Resettlement, Theo Diergaardt said that government was compelled to investigate the underlying factors which lead to the current price levels of agricultural land. He also said that the result of the study and the recommendations thereof might be used by Government to make certain policy adjustments which might include control over land prices.

The FAO representative in Namibia, Babagana Ahmadu, pointed out that food security is directly dependant on security of land ownership and that Government’s function is not only restricted for policy, but also with direct participation in land purchases.

The consultants have compiled a comprehensive study which looked at all prospects which might influence land prices. The main question is of course: what is meant with the term “high land prices”. Various markets with regard to land prices, which include the so-called Government market for resettlement purposes, the affirmative action market of AgriBank as well as the free market were investigated. It was interesting to see that land prices in general followed the normal market trends of the past few years and that it is not necessarily the value of agricultural land which has increased but also other capital assets.

A set of recommendations will be provided to the role players on which comments can be given before March 21, 2014.

Young Farmer of the Year farmer’s day

A successful farmer’s day was held Wednesday, March 12 on Farm Silversand in the Seeis vicinity by the winner of last years’ Young Farmer of the Year competition, Marco Seefeldt and his wife Regine. The day was also complemented by a mini show with various exhibitors who offered their products. About 150 people have attended the farmer’s day.

Derek Wright, president of the NAU has done the welcome on behalf of the NAU. Presentations were also made by Marco himself, Volker Grellmann, Kenneth Botha as well as Vehaka Tjimune of Meatco.

Helmut Stehn and Hendrik Botha made use of the farm sight-seeing to give more information about the rangeland of Silversand and general rangeland principles to the guests, whilst Alex McDonald gave a demonstration of the arboricides.

The day was concluded with a Steak braai by Meatco.

Meatco Inter Farmers Association Braai competition

The 34th Inter Farmer Association Braai competition is offered this year by last year’s winner, Uhlenhorst Farmers Association at the well known Bitterwasser Lodge on March 28 amp 29. Besides the 19 Farmers Association and 20 social teams who will compete for this title, there will be, for the first time this year, also a Junior braai competition for respectively primary and high school children. Entries are limited to a certain amount and close on March 15.

Besides the usual exhibitors and food stalls, there will be also various entertainments such as airgun shooting, where an airgun can be won, jumping castles and much more. To support the costs for the 2 days there will also be a silent auction where various items such as a Sussex bull (for farmers) hunting packets and many more are offered.

The gates open for the public on Friday, March 28 at 12:00 and in the evening will be the opening, welcome and introduction of the braai teams during the Meatco reception. On Saturday, March 29 it is the braai day with all other activities. The day is concluded with the prize giving, a steak braai and dance with Andre Havenga. For further details contact Hoekus van Niekerk 063 – 265336 of 081 128 3511, Annalie v d Merwe 063- 265608 of 081 232 0707, Willie Krugel 063- 265311 of 081 249 2509.

Source : New Era