Landless youth call for divine intervention

WINDHOEK; Land activists of the Affirmative Repositioning (AR) movement are calling for divine intervention on solving Namibia’s national land crisis.

The AR, a youth movement under the leadership of Job Amupanda, Dimbulukeni Nauyoma and Gorge Kambala, made this call in a letter addressed to church pastors and spiritual leaders, asking them to pray for the movement and Namibian leaders to solve the ongoing land issue.

The AR leaders aim to deliver the letter, made available to Nampa on Tuesday, to over 1 000 pastors and spiritual leaders. So far, 500 letters have already been delivered, they said.

“We are guests brought on this earth by the one who is higher than us. The higher being that is responsible for all that is to be found here on earth and beyond,” they said.

The trio explained that while there may be differences in terms of the nature and character of this higher authority, human beings generally agree that there is a God, the creator of people.

The AR movement highlighted that the country is currently faced with a housing backlog of 100 000 houses, leaving the majority of people landless and without adequate housing.

They said official statistics indicate that 400 000 Namibians live in shacks without toilets and other amenities of a dignified life.

Explaining that land is not a creation of man but a creation of God, the AR said that while they may not be adherents to all provisions of the gospel, they believe that God does not wish for Namibia’s people to live this way.

“We have taken the stand to fight and battle so that the dignity of our people can be restored. We took up a stand to have our leadership address the issue causing pain and suffering to our people,” they said.

The land activists also indicated that the occupation of land would be their last resort and have thus given the “earth authorities in Namibia until 31 July 2015 to respond favourably to the applications.”

The AR movement in 2014 organised 14 000 landless people to submit their land applications to the City of Windhoek on the 21 November, whilst another 36 000 homeless youth submitted their land applications nationwide on 27 February 2015, bringing the total number to 50 000, a sign that the demand for land and housing is a serious national concern.

The AR said the nationwide submission of 50 000 applications for land would not have been possible without the intervention of the highest authority – God.