Law Saves MVA Millions After Henties Crash

The Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Fund will not pay out exorbitant funds to the German family who perished in a horrific car accident in Henties Bay on 29 December last year, the fund said upon enquiry.

Unlike in the Harry Simon case where millions of Namibia dollars were claimed in the case of the Belgian tourists who died in 2002, this will not be the case for the German family, explained MVA CEO Rosalia Martins-Hausiku at a press conference yesterday.

Since the Simon accident, the law regarding such kinds of payments has changed, Martins-Hausiku said.

Six people, three German tourists and three Namibians, died in a gruesome head-on collision on 29 December last year. A 16-year-old girl, Antonia Klara Joschko, who formed part of the German group of tourists, survived the accident and was being treated.

Martins-Hausiku said the girl, who was receiving treatment at a Walvis Bay hospital, was flown back to Germany and reunited with her relatives.

The MVA CEO said the MVA Fund would pay for the treatment of foreigners for as long as they remained in the country. However, as soon as they leave the country that treatment ceases as is the case with the 16-year-old German girl, noted Martins-Hausiku.

She explained that the MVA would pay out N$ 7000 for funeral expenses for those who died in the accidents, including the German family.

“The law has changed twice since then. It is expected that visitors take up extra insurance,” she said, adding that the MVA was saddened by the crash.

“Everybody is talking about the Henties Bay crash which has sent shock waves in the country. I’m sure it’s probably a first for Henties Bay because such crashes normally would occur on the B1 road. We’re really saddened by that crash and our condolences go out to the families.”

She wished all those who had been injured a speedy recovery.

According to the South African 4X4 community website, reckless driving and speeding were the main causes of the accident. Jandreacute Dippenaar, the driver of one of the ill-fated vehicles involved in the horrific accident was pulled over by police and warned about speeding just minutes before the accident occurred, according to the website.

The Namibian Police Crime Investigations Coordinator at Walvis Bay, Deputy Commissioner Ottilie Kashuupulwa told New Era that there were such allegations but would not speculate as investigations were still ongoing. Martins-Hausiku confirmed at the briefing yesterday that Dippenaar was in a Windhoek hospital.

Source : New Era