Lawyer Disputes Witness’ Testimony

Garth Joseph, the lawyer for Jackson Panduleni, accused of fatally shooting a member of the Women and Men Network Against Crime volunteer group, last year at a Kasi Party, on Tuesday pointed out the discrepancies in the state witness’ statement.

Panduleni is accused of murdering Tobias Abisai, 33, at a street party held in Okuryangava, Katutura on February 9, last year.

Joseph questioned state witness, Anna Mooya, a member of the Women and Men Network Crime on why her statement that she gave to the police was different to her testimony in court.

The defence lawyer pointed out the witness might have lied, Mooya insisted she did not lie.

Mooya allegedly informed the police in her statement that she saw Panduleni running from west to east, and he fired a shot in the air, but she later changed her story.

Joseph informed Mooya that his client was attacked by Abisai, and a gunshot went off. He further said Panduleni was punched in the right eye.

Last year Panduleni pleaded not guilty to the charge of murder. He is currently free on bail.

He informed the court he fired the fatal shot in self-defence, after an unknown person attacked him from behind.

Panduleni said he was in the company friends and relatives, with whom he had driven to the party.

Last year he informed the court he left the party to go to his car, when an unidentified man pulled his shirt from behind and hit him on his head.

The suspect said he still had his gun in his hand and had attempted to “aim at the sky”, but as he fell to the ground, the shot struck the unknown man, later identified as Abisai.

The trial continues before Magistrate Sarel Jacobs in the Regional Court in Katutura.

Source : New Era