Laziness, Infighting Cost RDP Status – Oxurub

THE Kunene regional secretary of the Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) Shaka Oxurub blames top leaders of his party for its poor performance which led to its demise as the official opposition party in last year’s Presidential and National Assembly elections.

“Laziness and no direction in the campaign strategy from the leaders led to RDP losing its official opposition status. We need to solve leadership problems and redouble our efforts to take over the National Council,” Oxurub told The Namibian yesterday.

According to Oxurub RDP members want to know what is wrong with the party’s leadership.

Oxurub insists that the leadership problems needed to be solved very soon as they badly affect the party during elections. Oxurub plans to establish new branches in the Kunene region in the beginning of next month to recruit new members and strengthen his party’s support in a region dominated by UDF and RDP.

The ruling Swapo party made inroads in three UDF gholds in last year’s elections. Currently, RDP has 13 branches in the region and Oxurub plans to lure Swapo members to join RDP.

“I will be visiting the region from next month to establish new branches and ask the regional and district leadership to recruit new members,” said Oxurub who warned other parties not to underestimate RDP in Kunene region.

RDP Khomas regional executive member Telwin !Owoseb said that RDP’s poor performance has to be blamed on EVM’s with verification problems its massive bill for the 2009 election court case and the youth league conference at Keetmanshoop.

“No one has to be blamed. If we blame one another for our poor performance, the blame should be directed to those in the National Assembly and to the voters,” he said.

!Owoseb said that party president Hidipo Hamutenya should not be singled out for blame. Instead, the party must pick up the pieces and move forward.

“We know we did not perform well. RDP has set a date to do a post-mortem in February to look at external and internal factors on its performances in last year’s elections,” said Mike Kavekotora, the party’s secretary general.

One external factor is the introduction of the electronic voting machines (EVM’s) while internal factors are the poor campaign strategy, lack of resources and contributions by its structures during the Presidential and National Assembly elections.

“Once we are done with our analysis, we will get back to you (media) but for now, we cannot jump to conclusions and point fingers,” Kavekotora said.

Source : The Namibian