Leading Golfers Come to Namibia – for Africa Jacket Championship

The third round of golf as part of the Windhoek Lager Africa Jacket Golf Championship will take place tomorrow at the Windhoek Golf and Country Club, according to Ian Stevenson of Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL).

“Our golfers have thus far competed in the Gold Cup in Windhoek, as well as the Rossmund Open, which are both qualifying tournaments. This coming weekend’s tournament is wholly owned by Windhoek Lager and not only will points count towards the Africa Jacket, but we also aim to offer golfers an unforgettable day – in the company of NBL and Windhoek Lager.”

Stevenson added that he had spoken to Hugh Mortimer, executive member of the Namibia Golf Union (NAGU) and Secretary General of the Africa Golf Federation, who confirmed that most of the leading golfers will be competing this weekend. “It is still difficult to say who will be the overall winner of the Windhoek Lager Africa Jacket Golf Championship, but the battle is indeed heating up.” He said one of the main aims of the championship is to encourage more Namibians to take up this great game. The championship is progressing well and other participating nations such as Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Africa have embraced the concept, which has gained momentum in those countries as well. “We look forward to see who will join us from the other African countries at the finals in Windhoek in June,” Stevenson said.

Source : New Era