Learner Cares for Orphans

Patrica Bandora, a leaner at the Windhoek International School visited the Maggie’s Sunhouse Orphanage in Eros to spend the day with the children and to present them with what she has been raising for them.

After the fundraising fun day she hosted to help the children at Maggies Sunhouse in April, the 17-years-old Bandora continued raising fund to help those children. With the support of her parents and teachers she managed to raise N$10,000 for the children. “My father and mother encouraged me to ask for donations from individuals and after the Fun Day, my mother and I went to Maggie’s Sunhouse Orphanage and talked to the children and their caretaker on making sure of the things they needed,” says Bandora.

They bought stationary, educational toys and some warm clothes for them. “We manage to get what they needed and finally presented the children with their presents. They were happy to know that someone cared and had big smiles on their faces. It’s that kind of feeling that I wanted to get from the children, the kind that makes me proud of myself that I am helping those less fortunate than I am,” she says.

Bandora adds that it is through reading newspapers and watching the news, that she sees Namibia’s efforts in trying to help those in need and it inspired her help orphans and children whose parents cannot take care of them. “I believe it will shed light on the importance of humanitarian acts in Namibia,” she says. She continues that volunteering has always been in her family, as her parents inspired her greatly, seeing the volunteer work they do. “I believe that the spirit of volunteerism can be accomplished from something small like not throwing away food, because you realise that they are those who are less fortunate,” concludes Bandora.

Source : New Era