Learners Must Put Shoulder to the Wheel

The Minster of Education Dr David Namwandi exhorted learners at Nossob Combined School to acquire their education only through hard work and not questionable means.

Speaking last Saturday during the school’s 40th anniversary celebration, Namwandi said qualifications cannot be bought but should rather be acquired through diligence because at some stage one’s knowledge will be challenged.

“Therefore I urge all learners to take full responsibility in succeeding with their education and parents should be there to give their full support rather than in some cases use cash prizes received by their children for performing well to buy alcohol and celebrate, instead of teaching their children to save money for education and buy stationery,” he said. He further warned critics who often say the educational system is a failure that the same education they are criticizing has for many years produced teachers, engineers, doctors, lawyers and many more, forgetting they are products of the same education they criticize.

There is free primary education now and next year secondary education will be free too and yet some people say education is a “failure”, he said, adding that he wondered if these people are thinking straight.

Joyce Buys a teacher at Nossob Combined School on behalf of the school said the school has for years now grown big both in terms of infrastructure and learner population – with 802 leaners, 30 staff some of them working towards aancing their qualifications, and in recent years having acquired an information centre.

She noted the school represents the spectrum of the Namibian population with the majority of tribes represented. She noted that the school currently offers classes from Grade 1 to Grade 9, which is the only combined school within a radius of 50 kilometres, and it has plans to open a Grade 10 class next year.

After the event the minister of education pledged N$5 000 towards the school’s development.

Source : New Era