Learners Warned Against Pregnancy

The Chief Whip of the Namibian Children’s Parliament, Norman Ndeuyeeka is warned the Ohangwena region’s learners about teenage pregnancy.

Speaking during the Ohangwena Education Directorate’s annual awards ceremony at the Ponhofi Senior Secondary school last week, aised learners to take their education seriously. He aised the learners in the region to be responsible and cautioned them against ignoring their homework and spending less time watching useless and meaningless TV programmes and other addictive social media sites. “Fellow learners, in whatever you do, never forget where you are coming from. We have all sorts of people at school who are rich, poor, good and bad friends and these people will try by all means to put you in their standard. Please do not fall into their trap, rather think about your future and your family. As young learners, we should be able to compare our backgrounds before you associate with such people,” he aised.

He further encouraged them not to give up on their dreams as Namibia has many resources and capabilities as long as they excel in their studies. “When choosing a career, you must choose a job that you love and you will never have to work a day in your life of having second thoughts. Your best job and a career will change your lives completely after your valued education,” he said.

The Ohangwena Education Directorate annual awards saw close to more than hundred schools, teachers, learners and principals being awarded with prizes for excelling in their different subjects. The best candidates for JSC, NSSCO and teachers in NSSCO and NSSCH were awarded as well. Top performing JSC schools above 65 percentage were awarded a cool N $ 4 000 from the regional office.

The best and only award winning teacher for English Language as a second language in Ohangwena region is Posani Silume from Haimbili Haufiku Senior Secondary school who received a floating trophy and a certificate. He has been winning awards as the best English teacher in Ohangwena region for the past five years.

Source : New Era