Letter of the Week … Bad Things Happen to Good People [opinion]

IT WAS with a heavy heart that I read about the number of suicides taking place in Namibia. According to media reports, from January 2013 to August 2013 over 240 people between the ages of 15 and 80 committed suicide. By May 2014, this figure would have increased dramatically.

I, therefore, fail to understand why our people cannot accept that over the journey of a human life, you will be knocked down over and over again.

Events such as lack of ability to recover readily from illness, depression, hurt, loss of hope, shock and disappointment lead to thoughts of suicide. People fail to pick themselves up and become champions of change. They fail to understand that every person on this planet has a different assignment different from that of other persons.

Suicide is not the answer to any of life’s challenges, there are people whom we all know and heard of, who succeeded briefly before being pulled down by life.

They went from zero to hero, winner to loser overnight but they kept their resilience over and over again until they became marathon runners of life.

Resilience is therefore the knowledge that bad things happen in this world but just because bad things happen does not mean that you are bad.

People who view suicide as an option are those that invest too much negative meaning in what has happened, they focus on why the knocks happened to them and ask themselves fatal questions like: Why does this have to happen to me? They even start questioning God’s love and existence.

Brothers and sisters, the moment you ask yourself this question, you invite demons to yourself and you destroy your resilience. You end up getting answers like: Because you are stupid and don’t deserve to be happy, you don’t deserve success, you are being punished for something you did and things will never work out for you in your life.

If you keep imagining wrongs and omissions of the past, you will never heal and get off the floor. Every new knock will be stacked on the old knocks every new injury will scrape off the scabs of old injuries. You can only sink in death.

No matter what, let it go, if need be, call on your network for support. Call a priest, a deacon, a minister, a psychologist, a mother, a father, a friend or a sibling, but call someone. Maybe it will be easy for you, maybe it won’t. Maybe it will be quick, maybe it won’t.

What matters is that you start taking action now if you want to continue on your journey with maximum personal power. Life is a massive challenge, it will test our reserves of resilience to the limit. You cannot afford to lose you resilience and quit. Life is brutal enough on the outside without it being equally brutal on the inside.

Like any resources, resilience grows with practice.

So from now on, use every knock, small or big, to develop your resilience and move on with your life and accept your knocks. Who says life will be an easy journey?

So the moment you face any challenge and the idea to commit suicide crosses your mind, respond by saying “my resilience is very high”.

Source : The Namibian