Life Should Go On – Mutorwa

The Minister of Agriculture Water and Forestry John Mutorwa has assured the nation the slaughtering of cattle for weddings, funerals, daily consumption and kapana should continue as usual, though strictly under veterinary supervision.

“For events such as weddings, funerals, home slaughter, movement of cattle, sheep, goat and pigs may be allowed for direct slaughter within 24 hours under veterinary supervision,” stressed Mutorwa.

He said “life should go on,” and people should continue to make use of animal products for own daily consumption.

“This time people think you can’t touch cattle or a piece of meat, no life should go on,” said the agriculture, water and forestry minister.

He further explained that products such as meat, fresh milk, thatch grass, hay, straw and crop residues may be moved into and within the infected and contaminated areas, however such products are not allowed out of the infected and contaminated areas.

Responding to queries why meat and other milk products are confiscated and burnt at roadblocks, Mutorwa stressed the practise is put in practise to stop the spread further.

Mutorwa further assured the nation the food and mouth situation is under control and has so far not spread to other areas.

Veterinary officials who were attending the media conference in Ondangwa on Wednesday further explained the foot and mouth disease only infects animals and not human beings.

“Food and mouth disease does not cause any clinical signs or infections in humans,” explained Chief Veterinary Officer Adrianatus Maseke.

Maseke warned people to refrain from killing sick animals for consumption or consuming animals that have died as a result of sickness. He said the animals can have other infections which can have an effect on human beings.

Source : New Era