Line-X Now Covering the Coast

Line-X Namibia just expanded its dealer network to Walvis Bay. This game changing product is now available as a mobile service and offers unbeatable toughness and versatility, no matter what the application or where.

“We think the residents and industries in and around Walvis Bay and along the coast will show great interest in our services. Not only do we offer the gest protective coating on the market, we are a mobile service and can come to you whether you’re docked in the harbour or out at a remote mine or farm,” says Dooris Klienhanns, owner of the newly established coastal branch.

Since being introduced into the local market just over a year ago, Line-X has quickly set itself apart by offering a product that is 300 times ger than the competition and dries in just four seconds, meaning you can get the toughest linings for whatever application done quickly, conveniently and with a lifetime guarantee.

The innovative polyurea composition has even been adopted by the USA military for use on its vehicles, body armour and even VIP buildings such as the Pentagon. With just a thin 3mm coating of Line-X’s special formulation, an elastic barrier is created around the the object which lessens fragmentation, spreads out the force of any impact and helps objects retain their structure even after tremendous impact.

“This is not just melted down rubber. The compounds in the Line-X formulation make it the best spray on protective coating available and with our fully equipped workshops in Windhoek and Walvis Bay, we can apply the coating, colour matched to your preference to anything you need protected, whether for your vehicles at home or industrial use,” said Nic Kruger, owner of Line-X Namibia, which operates out of Windhoek’s Southern Industrial area.

With benefits including being fire and waterproof, anti slip and tough as nails, the range of Line-X products are a must for heavy industry and mining, where Line-X can go a long way in making your equipment last longer, while decreasing repair times and costs across the board.

Kruger went on to add that “we recently tested the product on a mine’s huge ore truck’s loadbed, which would normally have to be replaced every two months or so. The one coated with Line-X put in an unbelievable 16 months of operation before needing to be replaced. Now if that isn’t a testament to toughness, I don’t know what is”.

“We’re also in the process of launching a range of 4×4 accessories that are wholly locally manufactured and of course come with Line-X for ultimate protection. These will then be exported to South Africa and Australia in addition to being locally available,” he added.

If you’d like to make contact with Line-X Namibia, you can reach them at 081 1500 911 or visit their workshop at 4 Ferry Street, Southern Industrial. If you’re at the coast, contact Dooris at 0811 22 0612 to take aantage of their mobile service.

“We do all custom jobs too, so if you want any once off metal work done or you’d like you get your mountain bike or rifle stock coated in Line-X, feel free to contact us.”

Source : The Namibian