Lions Kill 32 Livestock in Omangetti

The Directorate of Parks and Wildlife Management in the Ministry of Environment and Tourism has shot and killed two of the lions that were reported to have killed 32 livestock, plus a donkey and a horse between last month and early this month in Omalyanga.

Omalyanga is located in Omangetti farming area in Oshikoto Region.

Chief Control Warden of the North Central Region Chrispin Konkwena said two of the lions were each killed on May 19 and on May 26, while the third was captured on June 06.

The last of the four lions reported to have invaded the area is still at large.

Konkwena said the lions invaded the areas of Omangetti, Otayamu tyamu, and Casablanca of the Oshikoto Region after seemingly being eluded by prey in the Etosha National Park.

“The animals are moving out of Etosha because it has become difficult to hunt inside the park. The leaves have fallen and the other animals can see them from a distance, so they are moving out into communal areas,” said Konkwena.

Konkwena pleaded with the community in Omangetti to communicate to officials deployed at the site if they spot a lion roaming in their areas.

Konkwena further warned the community to refrain from attempting to take on these beasts by themselves because such a hunting expedition could go wrong and needs the specialised hunting techniques of trained hunters and wardens who know how to hunt lions.

“It is dangerous to try and handle these animals because they can also turn on you. We have a team trying to assist the community – all we ask is for the people to communicate and inform the regional offices or the mobile officers in the area,” said Konkwena.

The Etosha National Park also recently featured in the news for having a very dilapidated fence.

Source : New Era