Live On a Thursday At Our Production Department [opinion]

AS an observer in our Production Department (by virtue of me operating from there) a Thursday is the most exciting day of the week. It is the only day when you can experience a rare combination of all possible feelings linked to human emotions, namely joy, laughter, stress, panic, anxiety, etc.

Dear readers, allow me to introduce you to what is happening in our Production Department. Our graphic designers (GDs) are the guys responsible for using their knowledge and magical skills to ensure that all aerts, placements and supplements appear in accordance with the clients’ instructions, along with other instructions and requirements, in New Era and Namibia’s own very first indigenous language newspaper Kundana. Thursday is normally the only day when the GDs will most of the time arrive earlier than usual and knock off way later than the usual already late hours of knocking off. At the beginning I failed to understand it, but after some time I knew exactly why. Supervisors already assign the placements for Thursday’s work the day before. This means who comes first can choose the easiest part of the job from the very famous “grootlys” (big list) that very few want to deal with.

Now this is where the fun starts as the GDs now begin to argue over which is the easiest assignment and who gets what. One of the main sections for our Friday edition forms part of what is famously called the “first run” for submission to printers in the morning. Never before had I observed that human beings can forget to answer their stomach’s cries or respond to nature’s calls in order to reach this deadline.

Now the air is electrified with tension and I, out of empathy for the situation will sometimes answer calls and take messages for my colleagues to ensure they are not disturbed. To put the cherry on the cake colleagues in the Sales and Marketing Department will sometimes be out of office on assignments, leaving these poor guys (GDs) with the mammoth task of liaising with clients to meet the deadlines on time.

Just imagine how it feels to be called every 30 minutes to confirm with printers while also liaising with clients, and internal processes and the internal server deciding once in a while to go on recess.

On one occasion (I confess now) I intentionally hid the so-called “grootlys” just to test my colleagues’ patience. Until today I still believe that diggers of the gold rush of centuries ago never looked and hunted for gold so feverishly than the way these people (GDs) looked for a simple piece of paper that day! It was only afterwards that I realised the importance of this list in the Production Department. (Colleagues, please forgive me for being naughty that day.)

Despite all the drama I believe they are a great team and enjoy themselves tremendously!

Till next time.

Source : New Era