Lize Ehlers Takes ‘Change’ to Florida

ONE of Namibia’s leading vocalists, Lize Ehlers, has been scouted by Actors, Models and Talent for Christ (AMTC) to attend the international SHINE Conference.

The conference, which is scheduled to take place between 1 and 6 July will see scouted talent from all over the world attend. Ehlers is the first Namibian artist to be selected by AMTC. She was scouted by Andries Hendrik Potgieter, who she collaborated with on the hit single ‘Woestynroos’ which enjoyed airplay on radio and on television shows locally.

An excited and humble Ehlers said that she finds it amazing that she was scouted for such a big conference. She added that her partaking makes her an ambassador for Namibia and that she carries a responsibility to represent Namibia to the best of her ability.

“I carry the responsibility of my country and I have always loved responsibility because it shows that you can take responsibility of something and it can be done,” Ehlers said.

This year at least 121 agents, managers, production houses and recording labels within the entertainment industry will be at the conference and Ehlers will use this opportunity as a platform to network and fly the Namibian flag high.

“The opportunity is massive. If they offer me any temporary project I will accept it. Namibia is my roots, my home, so I won’t want to move there permanently but it’s a great opportunity to get a new following and get my brand out there,” Ehlers said.

Ehlers finished work on her third album yesterday, which she says she has spent an entire year writing the songs for, as well as two weeks in the studio for live recording. It is titled ‘Change’.

She worked with producer Andrew Roman on the solo project, which was inspired by “the smell of change in the air.” She added that the album is not your ordinary upbeat album, rather showcasing soothing sounds, which speak of change, love and healing.

“There is a lot of talk about healing, love and change and this album has that. You can find methods on how to change and also find healing,” Ehlers said.

Although there is no set date yet, Ehlers said that the album will be launched anytime before it hits the shelves on 1 August and will be available at Musica in Wernhil Park and Maerua Mall, as well as at other local outlets.

“There will be a beautiful groovy launch for the album,” she said.

To add to the exciting achievements, ‘Change’ will be distributed digitally via Deser Digital Distribution, the international label she has been signed to recently.

Source : The Namibian