Local businessman sentenced to pay a fine of N.dollars 200 000

WINDHOEK: Local businessman Heinz Dresselhaus was yesterday sentenced to pay a fine of N.dollars 200 000.

The Windhoek-based Dresselhaus was sentenced to pay the fine after he had earlier pleaded guilty to 19 charges of fraud in connection with the corrupt and fraudulent sale of scrap copper materials belonging to Telecom Namibia.

High Court Judge Collins Parker handed down the punishment.

Dresselhaus was ordered to pay the fine in full through the Registrar of the Windhoek High Court before or on 30 June this year at 16h00.

This decision was taken as per an agreement reached by Dresselhaus’ defence lawyer, Senior Counsel Willie Vermeulen and State representative, Chief Prosecutor Danie Small in court yesterday.

Earlier reports by local English daily The Namibian had it that the other member of the close corporation, Ettienne Weakley and former Telecom Namibia Manager James Camm, who faced similar charges as their co-accused Dresselhaus, were found not guilty on all counts after the State closed its case against the three.

At the time, Small had conceded that the charges against Weakley and Camm had not been proven beyond reasonable doubt.