Locally made construction products a niche market: Schlettwein

WINDHOEK: Locally made products for green investments in the construction industry could be a niche market to tap into, Finance Minister Calle Schlettwein says.

He was speaking during the second day of the national workshop on greening the construction sector in Namibia yesterday.

The Finnish Embassy and the Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Creation, as well as the International Labour Organisation (ILO) hosted the event.

He said given Namibia’s potential in renewable energy, locally produced solutions for green investments in the construction industry are in itself, a niche market to tap on.

Schlettwein said Government expects the private sector as the engine of growth to invest in the productive capacity of the economy and in the manufacture of value-added final products.

The realisation of the country’s growth potential does not end with Government support and the economy requires long-term productive investment and innovative and proactive entrepreneurs.