Lot’s Exhibit to Kick – Start 2015 At NAGN

The College of the Art Visual Art graduate, Lot Kandjengo, will be the first to open the National Art Gallery of Namibia (NAGN) with his second solo exhibition titled Multifurous on February 5.

Kandjengo was born and raised in the village of Okaku in northern Namibia and he has an Applied Arts Diploma in Visual Art. He has actively been involved in the Namibian Visual Art scene for about six years and had his first exhibition titled Ekondobolo at the Franco Namibia Cultural Centre (FNCC) in 2013. The Multifurous exhibition, which according to Kandjengo means ‘trying out something new’ will be a combination of an exhibition and an artwork workshop. “This exhibition I will combine it with a workshop, which is aimed at promoting the visual arts, and in particular the printmaking technique to the community as one of the first ever art forms to be explored by Namibians and that is known till this day as being purely Namibian, and reflecting on art has the power to Namibia’s rich and diverse cultural identity. I believe that transform lives and communities, and to create opportunities for people in different parts of the country,” he notes.

The five-day workshop will run from February 9 – 13 and everyone interested in taking part can register at the NAGN. “We will be able to accommodate a maximum of 15 participants. We will provide a Certificate of Participation to participants who have attended all the five days and have managed to at least complete one print,” says Kandjengo. The workshop will involve both theoretical and practical work, which will be made specific to each individual participating, but in general will cover stencilattern making, colour mixing, printing techniques and art appreciation. The Multifurous exhibition will run until February 28.

Source : New Era