Loyal Employee for 36 Years

OUPA Josef Frans Iipinge has been in the employment of Namibia Dairies – a subsidiary of the Ohlthaver amp List (OampL) Group – for more than 36 years, having worked at Gocheganas for 30 years and at the !Aimab Superfarm at Mariental the last 6 years. He is now a cow handler and looks after the newborn calves by giving them colostrum.

‘Oupa’ – as he is affectionately known – started as a general worker, doing a bit of everything: milking, cleaning on the farm and feeding the cows. He recalls that the early days were tough. ‘It was hard work as we did everything by hand: milked by hand and even carried the fodder for the cows on our backs. Today things are easier. You do a specific job and you have more people and machines to make the work lighter. ‘When I started I earned N$80 (which was then still South African Rand) but today the salary is also much better.’

He continues by saying that the best thing about his employment and employer was the fact that even though he has aged, he still has a job and is treated kindly and assured of his pension when the day comes to retire.

“All of the experiences I have had with the company, going on tour as a value star to South Africa, flying for the first time last year – it all has been good.”

Oupa does not see challenges as he feels that challenges are complaints and he has nothing to complain about. His dream before retiring would be to fly once more – to Zambia as he would love to see the Zambezi River.

Borney Britz, Namibia Dairies human capital manager said: “It is nowadays rare to find employees who stick around for such a long time. At Namibia Dairies and OampL we value our employees who have been with us for 25 years and more.”

Source : The Namibian