Lüderitz Mayor Denies Allocating Land to Herself

LUumlDERITZ mayor Suzan Ndjaleka has denied impropriety and refuted the Affirmative Repositioning movement’s claims that she allocated herself a piece of land measuring 1 202 square metres at a reduced price of N$85 000 at the southern coastal town.

“I do not own land and I cannot just allocate land to myself,” Ndjaleka said.

She explained that any land application must be approved by the urban and rural development ministry and that there are procedures to be followed.

“There are no shortcuts. I have integrity. It’s not in me. Never. They try to tarnish my name, so be it,” said Ndjaleka.

The council management chairperson, Calvin Mwiya, also rubbished claims that Ndjaleka had allotted land to herself in a corrupt manner.

“There is nothing like that there are procedures to be followed,” said Mwiya, adding that council had procedurally allocated land to the mayor. “She applied three times for land, but council only approved her third land application,” Mwiga revealed.

He also said Ndjaleka had recused herself from the meetings where her land application was discussed. He could however not reveal the price and size of the land allocated to Ndjaleka.

In a statement issued last Thursday, AR activist Job Amupanda claimed Ndjaleka “had written to herself on 16 April and later allotted herself a plot”.

Saying the latest land deal will see the mayor owning two houses at the town, Amupanda remarked: “What a heaven for politicians.”

Amupanda said the land activists are very “irritated and offended” by Ndjaleka’s latest land deal he termed as a “corrupt activity,” adding they will not take this matter lightly.

“It is public knowledge: our youth have applied on 27 February and they have not been given land in Luumlderitz. Between 16 April and 27 February, there is a month and several weeks. How is this possible?,” Amupanda asked. Moreover, Amupanda claimed that council failed to respond to AR’s question on the criteria used to award the mayor land over and above the youth who applied close to a month before her, and to provide the AR with council minutes, which he noted are public documents, wherein the land deal of the mayor was discussed. “What the case of Luumlderitz tells us is that talks to resolve land corruption and the land question that we have heard from the government may be nothing but a storm in a teacup because day in and day out government officials are exposed and involved in land corruption and nothing happens,” said Amupanda.

He called on the youth to be vigilant and monitor the elite in all towns.

Amupanda also aised the youth to start saving money for building materials because AR land activists are getting closer to land occupation.

“Those that are on leave must start filling in their leave forms. It is clear that the only solution is the AR solution,” Amupanda added. AR has given local authorities until 31 July to respond positively to mass land applications by the youth in February or to face illegal land occupation.

Amupanda warned that the AR land activists are determined to take the struggle all the way, remarking “only death will stop them”.

Source : The Namibian