Magical Guise May Be Reason for Charges, Accused Claims

A PRISON inmate standing trial on several charges of child molestation claimed in the Windhoek High Court yesterday that someone using witchcraft or magic could have taken on his face and committed the crimes of which he is now accused.

There are people who, through witchcraft or magic, can assume the look of someone else and then use that guise while committing crimes, Quinton Pieters told Judge Naomi Shivute while testifying in his own defence.

He has seen something like that happening at Tsumeb, for instance, Pieters said.

He also indicated to the judge that the previous testimony of prosecution witnesses who identified him as the person who had committed a series of sexual offences at Keetmanshoop between August 2004 and October 2007 did not mean much, because there are other people who look like him. He has even been told that he and a former player in Namibia’s national football team, Quinton Jacobs, are lookalikes, Pieters said.

Pieters (32) has been a sentenced prisoner since January 2012. He was sentenced to an effective prison term of 53 years after he had been convicted on charges of murder, rape, housebreaking and robbery with aggravating circumstances in connection with an incident in which an aisory teacher was attacked and killed in her house at Keetmanshoop in early November 2007.

In his trial before Judge Shivute, Pieters is denying guilt on seven charges, which include four counts of rape.

He is accused of having attempted to rape an 11-year-old girl at Keetmanshoop on 20 August 2004. Pieters is also accused of having assaulted and raped a woman at Keetmanshoop on 21 June 2005, and having raped a 13-year-old girl and a ten-year-old boy at Keetmanshoop in two separate incidents on 27 October 2007.

He was not at Keetmanshoop on 27 October 2007, because he was at Koeumls that day and returned to Keetmanshoop only at the end of that month, Pieters testified.

With respect to the allegation that he had raped a ten-year-old boy at Keetmanshoop that day, Pieters said: “I am saying I did not do it, because I am not mad so that I would do such a thing with a man.”

“It’s not true,” Pieters repeatedly told the judge when his defence lawyer, Titus Ipumbu, questioned him about the details of the incriminating claims that prosecution witnesses made against him in their testimony during his trial.

“I am not a mad person,” Pieters also said when Ipumbu asked him if he had intercourse with minors.

About the testimony of the two children who claimed that Pieters was the man who had tried to rape the girl in August 2004, Pieters said the children had been lying and that adults had instructed them to say that he was the man involved in that incident.

It is his opinion that the witnesses were making allegations against him because of envy, Pieters said.

He is due to continue with his testimony today.

Source : The Namibian