Majority of road crashes during festive season caused by bad driver attitude: Head of City Police

WINDHOEK: The majority of road crashes during the festive season are caused by bad driver attitude, the head of the Windhoek City Police says.

Chief Abraham Kanime said many people have died on the roads as a consequence of motorists’ inexperience, speeding, intoxication from alcohol and other illicit drugs or just plain recklessness.

Kanime told Nampa on today that many lives are being lost on the roads due to the “bad attitude” of drivers who operate vehicles recklessly without considering the safety of other road users.

He said now that there are fewer vehicles in the city because of the festive season, motorists here are driving at high speeds, especially along Mandume Ndemufayo Avenue, Hosea Kutako Drive, Independence Avenue and David Hosea Meroro Road.

He said that drivers are no longer paying attention to the road signs, and they are no longer stopping at stops as they are required to. We must change our attitude and understand that we are risking our lives and the lives of innocent people with this irresponsible and reckless driving attitude.