Man Allegedly Sells Son for N$75 000

A 32-year-old man was arrested by the Namibian Police Force last Friday for allegedly offering to sell his 10-year-old son for N$75 000.

Diyeve Detembero, a resident of the Kehemu informal settlement on the outskirts of Rundu, appeared in the Rundu Magistrate’s Court on Monday on a charge of human trafficking.

The Thimbukushu-speaking suspect appeared before Magistrate Helen Olaiya, and indicated that he will seek the assistance of a private lawyer.

The magistrate then postponed the case to 2 October this year for further police investigations. According to the charge-sheet, the suspect apparently wanted to ‘get rid’ of his biological son (name withheld) because the boy is a school drop-out, was “useless at home, and supporting him was a financial burden”.

The accused was arrested by a police officer who pretended to be the potential buyer. The ‘buyer’ offered the father a deposit of N$15 000 as guarantee that his son will be bought.

The accused person was denied bail by the magistrate, because investigations are still at an initial stage, and because the offence is deemed serious.

Olaiya also refused bail, saying it will not be in the interest of the administration of justice, and because there is also a public outcry about the matter. The State further fears for the accused person’s life if he is released on bail.

The incident is widely regarded by residents at the town as testimony to ongoing rumours of muti-related crimes, which use human body parts in rituals to apparently enrich people.


Source : The Namibian