Man arrested in connection with murder of Polytechnic of Namibia student sent to jail

WINDHOEK: A man arrested in June 2012 in connection with the murder of fourth-year Polytechnic of Namibia student Elizabeth Tuwilika Ekandjo, has been sent to jail for a lengthy custodial term.

Gabriel Johannes Petrus, 34, who admitted to killing his ex-girlfriend when he pleaded guilty to a count of murder at the start of his trial in the Windhoek High Court on 09 June this year, was yesterday sent to jail for an effective total of 50 years.

On the count of killing Ekandjo, Petrus was sentenced to 45 years’ imprisonment.

He was sentenced to five years’ imprisonment on the second count of having kidnapped Erica Embashu, who shared a room with the late Ekandjo at the time of the incident.

The Namibian Police said Petrus apparently entered the deceased’s room through a window and threatened Embashu, who was also a student at the Polytechnic of Namibia, saying she should hide in a wardrobe before he went on to strangle the deceased.

It also came to light during the trial that Ekandjo and Petrus had had some differences, and Ekandjo had tried to end the relationship.

Petrus however did not want to accept that the relationship was over.