Man Fined N$12 000 for Drug Possession

The Windhoek Magistrate’s Court convicted a man for drug possession and fined him N$12 000 on Tuesday.

Stephanus Haingoro, 36, was sentenced to the fine of N$12 000 or in default of payment spend 18 months in prison. The police found him with 13 parcels of cannabis valued at N$9 225 weighing 3 075 grams, on November 11 near the roadblock at Kapps Farm.

Haingoro faced a charge of dealing in dependence-producing substance. He pleaded guilty to the charge on Tuesday.

Haingoro informed the court that he has four children and he helps his family “through hassling and through help from people”. He further said that he could only afford a fine of N$3 000.

Prosecutor Nasilele Siyambango informed the court that the offence was serious and prevalent. “The accused pleaded guilty, however we ask that the court takes note of the quantity and the value of the cannabis. He failed to state why he was found with such a large amount of cannabis,” he said.

Siyambongo asked for Haingoro to be fined N$12 000 and in default of payment be sentenced to three years in prison.

When delivering sentence, Magistrate Kauli Nghishitende said the court is vested with the duty to ensure that deterrent sentences are imposed so that a message is sent out to potential offenders that the court is not going to tolerate such conduct.

Source : New Era