Man found dead in Otjomuise: NamPol

WINDHOEK; The dead body of man was found in a street in the Otjomuise residential here on Monday.

The Namibian Police Force (NamPol)’s spokesperson, Deputy Commissioner Edwin Kanguatjivi told a media briefing here on Tuesday that the deceased – believed to be between the age of 25 and 30 – was found in Istanbul Street on Monday at around 23h30.

Police suspect that he may have been killed somewhere else and then dumped next to a house in the said street as there were no bloodstains where the body was found.

The deceased person was found wearing a white T-shirt, a grey trouser and black and white sneakers.

He is black in complexion, skinny to slender build and is approximately 1.7 metres tall.

The Police in the Khomas Region are thus requesting assistance from members of the public in identifying the deceased.

In a separate incident, Windhoek resident Granny Kock, 17, died on Sunday in the Hakahana residential area after a boy of the same age allegedly stabbed him with an unknown object. Kock died on the spot.

The suspect was arrested on the same day of the incident.

Also in the Khomas Region, Immanuel Theodor Kruger, 39, died on Saturday in the vicinity of Long Island Street in the Rocky Crest residential area when the Nissan double-cab pick-up he was driving hit a lamp pole and overturned.

Kruger died on the spot while three passengers in the vehicle were taken to a local hospital for medical attention.

The accident took place at about 02h00.

In the south of Namibia, the Police at Aroab town in the //Karas Region reported that Jan Hendricks, 24, allegedly ended his life on Monday by hanging himself with a rope at house number 244 in Suiderdal between 13h00 and 14h00.

No suicide note was left and a docket of inquest in connection with the alleged suicide case has been opened.

Meanwhile, the Police at Okahao in the Omusati Region reported that 15 goats worth about N.dollars 25 000 were allegedly stolen from the Uukwalumbe village on 25 May this year. The suspected thieves drove the animals from a grazing area near the village between 17h00 and 18h00 to an unknown area.

The owner of the stolen animals is Salom Kene, 46. No arrest or discovery of the missing animals have yet been made and police investigations are underway to trace the animals and bring the culprits to book.