Man Found Dead in Otjomuise

THE body of man was found in a street in the Otjomuise residential area of Windhoek on Monday.

Police spokesperson deputy commissioner Edwin Kanguatjivi told a media briefing yesterday that the deceased – believed to be between the ages of 25 and 30 – was found in Instanbul Street at around 23h30 on Monday.

He said police suspect he may have been killed elsewhere and then his body dumped next to a house in the street as there were no blood stains where the body was found.

The deceased person was found wearing a white T-shirt, a grey pair of trousers and black and white sneakers. He is black in complexion, skinny to slender build and is approximately 1,7 metres tall.

Police are requesting assistance from members of the public to identify the deceased.

In a separate incident, Granny Kock (17), died in the Hakahana residential area on Sunday after allegedly being stabbed with a unknown object by a boy of the same age. Kock died on the spot.

The suspect was arrested the same day.

– Nampa

Source : The Namibian