Man Jailed for Stealing Stove

A-30-year-old man was fined N$2 500 or alternatively eight months imprisonment for stealing a Defy electric stove valued at N$5 000 from his employer on December 23 last year.

“I took the stove outside the shop, but I only wanted to use it,” related the accused, Sackaria Kalenga.

Kalenga pleaded guilty to the theft charge, however, we disputed the value of the stove as indicated in the charge brought before him in court indicating it was only worth N$2 000.

In his mitigation of sentence, Kalenga indicated he has seven children with the last one born in 2011. He also indicated to the court he does not have a job at the moment and he struggles around to make ends meet.

Magistrate Mutafela Likando, before delivering the sentence, took into consideration that the accused is a first-time offender, but stressed that theft is prevalent in Oshakati and cannot go unpunished.

She further indicated that although the accused had a job opportunity where he earned N$1 000 per month he still chose to steal from his employer.

Kalenga has no previous convictions. Prosecutor Reinhard Alfeus Jacob represented the state.

In another case, Michael Hango Mbwale, who escaped with 12 others from lawful custody from the Oshakati Police holding cells in December, was rearrested and made his first appearance before Magistrate Likando.

Mbwale is facing a charge of escaping from lawful custody.

He was denied bail and his case was postponed to April 16, 2015. The 21-year-old Mbwale was in custody for housebreaking and theft.

Prosecutor Markus Angula represented the State.

Source : New Era