Manufacturing and Processing Directory Launched

A directory that is industry-specific has been launched this week by the Namibian Manufacturers’ Association with the support of the Ministry of Trade and Industry. The publication which was published by Who’s Who Namibia was launched at the Nampower Convention Center this Tuesday.”The support came from the ministry in response to the need for a comprehensive listing, focusing solely on the manufacturing and processing sector.

The main objective of this publication is to inform the public locally and abroad about the manufacturing sector. It is an annual project that will be continuously upgraded and updated,” stated CEO of NMA Ronnie Varkevisser.”I am delighted and wish to express my gratitude to the leadership of NMA for inviting me to launch the Manufacturing and Processing Directory 2014 edition.

This is an important milestone as it is the very first time that we are availed with a comprehensive directory of business entities that manufacture in Namibia either finished goods or intermediaries, or provide services with home grown expertise,” said the Minister of Trade and Industry, Hon.Calle Schlettwein.”The manufacturing sector plays a strategic role in economic development and is the component of industry that presents significant opportunities for sustained growth, employment and poverty reduction through value addition, or said differently, through transforming raw materials to intermediaries or finished goods.

As a government, we are aware that manufacturers in our country are facing various challenges that constrain their ability to produce and compete effectively at home and in export markets elsewhere. We are also aware of the high cost of technology, utilities, production input, finance, transport and logistics, as well as shortage of skills, to mention a few. On the other hand, the industry sector is under constant pressure to cut, to improve quality, to meet environmental and international standards and to penetrate markets with more competitive products.

Therefore, we feel gly that the ease to do business in Namibia and especially to establish manufacturing entities in Namibia has to be improved,” added Hon Schlettwein. The trade and industry minister also said that the document provides a platform for Namibia’s manufacturing industry to showcase its capabilities, products and services, as well as to serve as an information guide of manufacturers and processors. “We therefore want to encourage all players in the industry to participate in future editions, making it an annual publication to look forward to.” Deputy Minister Hon Tjekero Tweya also added that for more than 20 years the government had not adopted the industry of policy, saying that this is the first step to giving meaning to that policy.

He invited all Namibians to participate as there is room to produce through the industry of policy. Honourable Tjekero encouraged financial institutions in the country to change their policies and become active participants or players who avail and assist the entrepreneurs to produce. “It may also help them to change. This document is a marketing tool for those who can not market their products,” he said.

“This directory should be made available to all ministries, State Owned Enterprise, the Tender Board, retailers and distributors and other private sector entities and the consumers so that all of us can support Namibia’s manufacturing sector and Namibian service providers. Sourcing locally has now been made much easier and my appeal is to all procurement agents to utilise this directory extensively and support local manufacturers and value chains optimally.” concluded Hon Schlettwein.

Source : Namibia Economist