MANWU appeals for improved working conditions

The leadership of the Metal and Allied Namibian Workers Union (MANWU) is appealing to all the workers in the construction industry to unite and fight for better wages and improved conditions of employment.

The trade union’s General-Secretary, Justina Jonas, made the appeal to the construction industry in a media statement availed to Nampa here on Wednesday.

The union leader has also strongly appealed to the workers in the construction sector to speak with one voice during the negotiations for salary increase and improved working conditions during the course of this year.

‘All workers involved in the construction industry sector must not allow themselves to be confused and divided. The wage negotiations of the construction industry are to commence very soon and we encourage the workers, especially the shop-stewards to regularly visit the MANWU’s offices and branches in their for updates.

‘We encourage the workers to attend the general meetings so that they are being provided with information about wage negotiations at all times,’ explained Jonas.

Jonas is also requesting all the employers in the construction industry who are still not paying their workers as per provisions of the new Namibian Labour Act, to comply with the minimum wage requirements with no further delays.

The union leader called on workers to come out and report all cases of unprofessional working relations and related irregularities, especially in the National Housing Enterprise’s (NHE) mass housing projects.

‘It is great concern for us (MANWU) that workers employed under the NHE’s mass housing projects are being exploited. We are disturbed by the fact that there are many third parties within the mass housing who are causing high labour unrests and discomfort amongst the working young men and women employed in this national mass housing projects,’ said Jonas.

She assured the workers in the construction industry that her union and the entire leadership will continue to fight for better wages and improved working conditions, as well as other benefits concerning safety at projects’ sites of the workers in construction industry at all times.

Jonas further appealed to workers who recently joined the construction industry to familiarize themselves with the country’s Labour Act and trade union regulations in order for them to better fight injustices at their workplaces.