Marcellus says he has left politics for good, and will now concentrate on serving God

RUNDU: The founding secretary-general (SG) of the All People’s Party (APP), Marcellus Mudumbi says he has left politics for good, and will now concentrate on serving God.

Mudumbi was the APP’s first secretary-general since the party’s formation in 2008, but resigned as SG in July 2012. He told this reporter on Wednesday that since his resignation, he has just been an ordinary member.

He is now a ‘Christian’, an ordinary member of society and not a card-carrying member of any political party in the country.

It is speculated that Mudumbi resigned as APP SG because the party was unable to pay his monthly salary as the chief administrator of the party, while others speculations had it that he dumped the party because he was not on good terms with party president Ignatius Shixwameni as most of his ideas were turned down.

The outspoken Mudumbi, however, rubbished such claims, saying he solely decided to quit politics after realizing that individuals in most political parties in the country in general were serving their own interests, instead of serving the masses who had elected them into power.

“I don’t have interest in politics anymore, and will not belong to any organization which wants to cling onto power to serve their own interests for a short period of time,” the former APP SG charged.

He indicated that he is on speaking terms with the APP president, and that Shixwameni will always remain a brother and a relative to him.

Mudumbi, who was previously a member of the Roman Catholic Church (RCC), is now a member of the Full Gospel Church of Namibia since 2008.

Meanwhile, APP coordinator for the Kavango East and West regions Mathews Wakudumo confirmed to Nampa on Wednesday that Mudumbi does not have any links with the party anymore.

Wakudumo said Mubumbi was replaced by Mariska Brendel as APP secretary-general at the party’s second national elective congress held last year, while David Mwilima is the deputy secretary-general.

That congress also elected Madala Nauyoma as the party’s deputy president; Faustinus WaKudumo as the Secretary for Finance and Administration; and Saara Malima-Nwimi as the deputy Secretary for Finance and Administration.