Martin Heita Resigns From RDP

RALLY for Democracy and Progress (RDP) Central Committee member Martin Heita has resigned as a member of the country’s main opposition party.

He is planning to formally abandon the party on Thursday.It is not clear if Heita will join any other political organisation, but there have been some unconfirmed reports that he might be considering to re-join the ruling Swapo Party, which he resigned from at the formation of the RDP some eight years ago.

Heita is believed to be one of the RDP’s main strategists and a g supporter of party President Hidipo Hamutenya. He was ranked fifth on the list of RDP Central Committee members in November last year.

Heita confirmed his resignation in a statement issued to Nampa on Tuesday, but he could not deny or confirm claims that he was planning to re-join Swapo.

“The main reason for my decision is to concentrate on my family and to revive my professional career. It has been a hard decision to take, and I wish the party well,” Heita said in the statement.

According to him, the Office of the RDP Secretary-General is already aware of his resignation.

Heita was the Energy Director in the Ministry of Mines and Energy in 2001, before moving on to become the founding Managing Director of the Northern Electricity Distribution (Nored) company.

He left Nored after a disciplinary hearing, which was conducted by the company’s Board of Directors found him guilty of issuing a derogative memo against founding President Dr Sam Nujoma in 2004.- Nampa

Source : The Namibian