Mass Celebration for Political Icon – Ya Toivo

Thousands of people are expected to attend the 90th birthday celebration of Namibian liberation struggle icon and former Robben Island detainee, Andimba Toivo ya Toivo.

He turns 90 on August 22. A preparatory committee has since been established by friends and relatives to ensure that everything goes accordingly when the big day arrives. Ya Toivo is of one of the most celebrated Namibians. “The celebrations will be marked by a series of activities starting at the beginning of July and reaching climax on the actual birthday,” said committee chairperson Helmut Angula during a press briefing on Wednesday.

When asked whether more celebrations will be held in the coming years to commemorate Ya Toivo’s birthdays, Angula said it’s only for the ninetieth birthday, but if he reaches ninety-five there will be a bigger one, not to mention the centenary.

Angula said all contributions in any form will be welcome and that participation in the preparatory work is voluntarily and open-ended. “Contributions in the form of donations, grants in kind, cash or sponsorships will be welcome. The national academic institutions are invited to participate and assist in organising lectures,” Angula said. In order to host successful celebrations, Angula said the preparatory committee is divided into six sub-committees, namely strategy and planning, protocol, logistic and accommodation, fundraising, information and entertainment, as well as administration and aisory services. He said a special chapter was also set up, under the leadership of Oshikoto Regional Governor, Penda ya Ndakolo, to organise activities in the Oshikoto, Ohangwena, Omusati regions.

Source : New Era