Mass Housing Kicks Off in Zambezi

The Zambezi Region has joined other regions in the country by launching the mass housing project, with a total of 327 housing units to be built in Katima Mulilo and Bukalo during the first phase.

“The project will consist of the construction of 327 housing units. 229 of these units will be social houses that will be affordable to all low-income earners in the region. The remaining 98 will be conventional houses focusing on the middle-income market. The project has been awarded to Madawa Investment,” said National Housing Enterprise (NHE) manager for the northeastern regions, Wenstan Kahiha, during the sod-cutting ceremony in Katima Mulilo on Monday.

Kahiha further said the project has been extended to Bukalo, about 50 kilometres east of Katima Mulilo, which is being developed into a village. About 297 housing units are expected to be built in the area and the contract has been awarded to Caprivi Building Contractors. “This is not the only mass housing project in the Zambezi Region. We are currently busy with another mass housing project in Bukalo. This project consists of 297 houses and 229 plots will be serviced,” said Kahiha. Katima Mulilo town council chief executive, Charles Nawa said even though the council is likely to face municipal service provision challenges, every effort is being made to offset such eventualities. “Three-hundred-and-twenty-seven houses will be a challenge to us as the town council. It means we have to expand our sewer and water network. Equally, we have to work together with NORED to also expand their electricity services,” Nawa said.

The mayor of Katima Mulilo, Charles Matengu, hailed the project saying the plight of residents, particularly low-income earners would finally be alleviated.

“This marks a milestone and will go a long way in alleviating the housing challenges in this town. We want to applaud the government for coming up with this initiative,” said Matengu. It is expected that some housing units will be completed in the next six months.

Source : New Era