Mass housing progressing well in Opuwo

OPUWO; The Mayor of Opuwo, Tuarungua Kavari, has expressed satisfaction with the progress made in the construction of houses under the Mass Housing Programme at the town.

Tuarungua told Nampa on Thursday that the fact that there were structures visible at the site was something to be happy about, following a long delay for the programme to kick off at the town.

Although the site hand-over for the houses were done in January 2014, constructions only commenced in September.

At least 10 structures have been built, although not yet fully completed at the site. A total of 79 houses are expected to be constructed under the programme at Opuwo.

According to the Town Planner of the Opuwo Town Council, Jekonia Shitilu, houses constructed under the Mass Housing Programme were more durable than those under the National Housing Enterprise (NHE).

“The houses that are being constructed under the mass housing programme are stronger, as they are being constructed with double brick outside walls and a single brick in the inside walls,” said Shitilu.