Mass Housing project sustaining street vendors too

By Olavi Haikera

KAISOSI: Street vendors at Rundu are capitalising on the commencement of the mass housing project here by marketing and selling their products at the construction site, situated at the Kaisosi informal settlement on the eastern outskirts of Rundu.

The project finally kicked off here early last month after a land dispute.

The National Housing Enterprise (NHE) appointed the Green Circle Investment Company from Windhoek to construct 318 houses here at a cost of N.dollars 89 million.

The street vendors sell food such as fat-cakes, pap and meat, boiled eggs and drinks like ‘Sikundu’.

There are currently 10 stalls, and the number is set to increase.

“We decided to bring the food to them, and thus cut the distance (about one kilometre) they had to walk to town,” said Cecilia Ndeshihafela, one of the first women to set up her stall near the project site a week after construction started here last month.

She told Nampa on Tuesday that she will be selling food at the site until construction is finished, which is some time next year.

Ndeshihafela uses the money from her sales to sustain her family.

Fellow vendor Paulinus Muyova, who started selling here last week, stated that the demand is higher than the supply as the foodstuffs usually sell out before midday.

When this reporter visited the construction site, other vendors, mostly women, had started clearing areas with the intention to set up temporary stands here too.

A Green Circle Investment Company employee told this agency that 60 houses are expected to be completed by November this year.