Matheus Goes That Extra Mile for Katutura Animals

Donna Collins the much-needed back-up vehicles played a vital role in smooth running logistics of the two-day Have-A-Hart Spay amp Neuter sterilization campaign held in Katutura this past week-end, when around 90 underprivileged township animals were sterilized at the SPCA clinic premises, as part of this nationwide non-profit organization.

Vehicles used were mostly privately owned, from the organisers, the volunteers to the veterinarian crew, who played an intricate part in ensuring medical supplies, blankets, tables, dog food, and the dogs themselves were transported.

Many dozens of trips were made from the SPCA veterinary clinic which had been set up by Dr Adriaan Adank which served as the medical base with a team of local vets for this mammoth undertaking. Animals were loaded into backs of bakkies, cars, and panel vans and brought to and from the Nathaniel Maxwilili Centre in KilimanjaroBabilon area.

Spes Bona Fiat sponsored a 1.4 Fiorina Panel Van, with dedicated driver Matheus Hikambeke volunteering top put in the hours behind the wheel and go that extra mile to help the needy Katutura animals. For two days he diligently drove up and down from the SPCA to the Centre , with loads of dogs, totalling ten return trips and clocking up at least 300 kilometres in the two days.

Driving with care as he dropped off the canine patients after their sterilization procedure, he also provided a doorstep delivery for the animals to their homes which stretched all over Hakahana, Okahandja Park, Kilimendjaro and Okuryangava. This he did to save the animals having to trudge along dusty roads after their operations.

“Because of the conditions of the roads and the distance many people lived away from the centre, I was happy to have spared these people a long walk home with their animals who had already been through such an ordeal,”

With his friendly smile, big heart and compassion towards the animals, Matheus joined the team of HAH volunteers in this animal mercy mission. As one of Spes Bona’s longest standing drivers for the company after 16 years, Matheus gave the same commitment to the Have-A-Heart project, proving to be a solid and reliable guy who works well under pressure.

“Animals can’t speak for themselves, and helping the animals in the township last week-end where there is such a need, really made me feel blessed,” said the self-confessed animal lover.

“What these HAH people are doing is wonderful because by sterilizing these animals, is helping to reduce the unwanted litters of puppies in the township where people don’t have the money to feed their dogs, and with no clinics available these animals just get sick with no care.”

On a normal day when Matheus isn’t involved in charity work, he is the senior driver at Spes Bona, responsible for customer’s vehicles registration at NATIS, dropping off and fetching customers, as well as delivering vehicles to the new owners.

Matheus also complemented the Fiat Fiorina 1.4 Panel van which he said is an economical go-anywhere compact delivery vehicle, as it proved over the week-end. It can be used for town driving and is runs well over the kraggy dirt roads in the heart of Katutura. It is a standard two door vehicle with rear double door loading entrance into a spacious compartment, with fold away seats, providing enough space for a large dog cage and some canine patients.

Meanwhile Esther Senekal (Sales Manager FiatAlfa), who has supported this spayathon project for the past two years, said “By supporting the Have-A-Heart project, we are helping both the animals in need and the underprivileged people. “As a successful motor company in Namibia we feel it is our duty to give something back to the community, because we can’t just receive.”

Source : New Era