Mawela Brigate Bounces Back, New and Fresh

After six years of silence, quietly studying the music industry, the trio of Thabanga, Monkey Shakes and Spensa, aka Mawela Brigate, are back.

Their new 18-track album titled Backspin, meaning the return, proves it all. The album contains a variety of different genres from Shambo, Gospel and Reggae to Kwaito. The words genius, prodigy, super singers are just some of the few that comes to mind when you think of describing these guys. According to one of the group’s singer, Thabanga, the successes of their second album followed the massive release of their debut album in 2008. “We came up with the name of this album, Backspin, simply because we were silent for the past six years after releasing our first album. Backspin is to tell people that Mawela Brigate is back and to take the music industry over by storm,” says Thabanga.

Thabanga adds that their new album is different from the previous one in terms of the quality of the sound and the lyrics, and also the diversity of genres. “There is an audible difference in the content of the music. Now we focus more on social issues that need to be addressed to Namibian people as a matter of urgency such as passion killings. Our first album had that too but to a lesser degree than this one. It was more of having fun in the studio back then,” says Thabanga, adding that on this new album they are featuring Namibian artists such as Tequila on the song I feel your pain, Chipolopolo on Salute my soulja and Satlam on Oove hatu pandula.

“To be frank with you, the whole album is a hit (no bragging). It is simply a matter of what type of music one likes. For those who like Kwaito, the songs Fera Huzet, Passion killing, Salute my Soulja, Shaka Zulu Kasie Party, Uukumwe and Oshike are strictly for them. House music lovers can watch out the song Backspin – The Return while RnB to the song I feel your pain. Gospel fans can watch out to songs such as Oove hatu pandula while Okaana kawa would find a soft place with Reggae lovers, says Thabanga.

Mawela Brigate came together in 2006 when they started their first project. However, Monkey and Thabang started singing in 2001while still at high school. Their first ever song, Oshiwambo, aired on the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) Television on the Penduka programme at the Windhoek Show Grounds the same year when they used to be called Mukwetu. According to Thabanga, Spensa joined them in 2006 when they became the Mawela Brigate.

Source : New Era