Mayana village to play host to children’s sports festival

MAYANA: The Mayana village on the eastern outskirts of Rundu will be treated to various fun games and sports activities with the hosting of a children’s festival this coming Saturday.

The children’s festival is being sponsored by ‘Make Change Possible’, a German-based charity organization, and will bring together children aged between 03-14-years from the Mayana village – situated some 10km from Rundu- and surrounding areas.

Children around the village will get a chance to partake in various fun games and sports activities such as soccer, volleyball, egg racing and badminton.

The board chairperson of ‘Make Change Possible’, Monica Handwerker, jetted in from Germany to witness the festival.

She told this agency on Thursday that the idea to organize the children’s festival was necessitated by the lack of sports’ activities for children under 14 years in this area.

Handwerker explained that the festival is also aimed at introducing some sports activities and games to children in the area at an early age.

The festival is expected to attract between 180-240 children from the Mayana village and surrounding areas.

The organizer of the festival, Joseph Mbamba, added that although there will be no winning prizes, it is intended to unite children from around the area and allow them to interact through sports.

The ‘Make Change Possible’ organization has over the past four years availed sponsorships in the areas of education, sports and construction.