Mayor Bashes Swapo Critics

Windhoek Mayor Agnes Kafula, who is also one of Swapo national leaders assigned to Khomas Region, says critics claiming Swapo has not delivered should look around them to see what real change means unless “they are blind or do not have ears.”

“Swapo is the only party with capability to make things happen,” she said, adding Swapo leaders have been tested and retested by enemies of all sorts but emerged victorious.

Kafula was speaking at a mini rally in Rocky Crest on Saturday, where the party introduced George Trepper as its sole candidate for by-election for the Windhoek West Constituency on 14 November.

Trepper is husband to Windhoek former mayor, Elaine Trepper and if he wins the elections, he would replace the former Constituency Councillor for Windhoek West, Shikwetepo Haindongo who died in August.

Kafula heaped praise on George Trepper, saying he has a long history with the party prior to independence as a political activist and a fearless denouncer of oppression.

She said Trepper was elected as Namibia National Teachers Union (NANTU) Regional Treasurer in 1989, Swapo Information and Mobilisation Officer in Klein Windhoek in 1990, Augustinho Neto Branch Coordinator in 1991 and Swapo Windhoek West District Coordinator in 2001 – a position he holds until today.

The Windhoek Mayor said if elected, Trepper would work in collaboration with the City of Windhoek to avail more affordable land and will also work with other stakeholders to increase health facilities and other amenities in the lay out of Windhoek West areas.

She said the Swapo candidate would address safety, security, accommodation and transport for tertiary students, seeing that all three institutions of higher learning, namely Polytechnic of Namibia, University of Namibia (UNAM) and International University of Management (IUM) are situated in the Windhoek West Constituency.

“He will undertake to create business and investment initiatives for the youth, small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and other investment houses. Promoting the concept of urban agriculture together with the City of Windhoek will be one of our priorities as we continue to strive for food security for our people,” she said.

Furthermore, Kafula said Trepper, together with the City of Windhoek would spearhead creation of an amusement park for children, continue to promote the policy of reconciliation among residents and build on the legacy left by his predecessor.

She pointed out developments that had taken place in Windhoek since independence, including various open markets and industrial stalls that were created, high-tech water reclamation plant in Goreangab dam, water banking system, parks, playgrounds and quality road networks around the city.

“Today we join hands to address the issue of affordable housing and land delivery, which is on top of Comrade Trepper’s list. I therefore see no reason as to why we would fail this nation,” she added.

On his part, Trepper said if elected, he would see to it that land is made available for first time buyers and harness a good working relationship with the City of Windhoek.

“I have an open-door policy. You are welcome to give your input and proposals,” he said.

Source : New Era